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Condensation-Curing Silicone Putty

Condensation-Curing Silicone Putty

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Condensation-Curing Silicone Putty

SWIDENT PUTTY condensation-curing silicone, has offered the user precision, security and reliability in use and the end result. It is suitable for all impression techniques.

SWIDENT PUTTY has one of the best values in crown and bridge dentistry, inlays, onlays, implant mucous membrane /function and situation impressions.


Working Time with all Materials
  • 1 min 45 sec


Time in Mouth
  • 4 min


Doesn’t matter what impression techniques you’re implementing;

SWIDENT Putty is an all-inclusive


  • Putty Soft: white
  • Heavy: turquoise
  • Medium: blue
  • Light: dark blue


  • 1 * 900 ml
  • Base paste: 60 ml
  • Activator paste: 60 ml


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